High accuracy positioning on demand for your Android smartphone.

Trimble Catalyst provides positioning accuracy down to centimeter-level to anyone with an Android smartphone*. Simple, convenient and affordable, it enables you to collect highly accurate field data whenever you need it.

Trimble TerraFlex software is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for field data collection that enables you to capture standardized, consistent data on your Android device. Add Trimble Catalyst to your TerraFlex field workflows to access high accuracy positions when and where you need them, using only a lightweight antenna that plugs into your Android smartphone*.

With Trimble Catalyst, we’ve replaced the traditional hardware chip found in dedicated GNSS receivers with an app that runs on your Android smartphone. Trimble Catalyst offers on-demand subscription plans that provide the accuracy you need to get the job done. And all of this can be done right from your Android smart device.

*Select Android devices.