One System for Data Confidence

  • Fast, efficient, geospatial data collection across a fleet of mixed devices
  • Keep your data organized
  • Work anywhere with streamlined data management

Use Your Existing Devices

Supports iOS, Android, WEH and selected tablet devices running Windows 7 / Windows 8. Field workers can work with their choice of device, from their personal phone to high-accuracy handheld, and have the same experience, collect data in the same way. Eliminate the need to carry a GPS device, camera, clipboard, and printed maps, by centralizing onto a single device.

Keep Your Data Organized

With multiple field workers and numerous jobs you need to keep it all organized. Group field data collection assignments into projects and assign users to individual projects. Streamline data collection workflows by keeping field users focused on their key projects.

Keep in Sync

Field data is automatically synced with a central server, streamlining office operations and driving higher productivity and cost savings. No need to return to the office to enter field data. No double entry of information re-typing paper forms. Save time, reduce errors.

Work Anywhere

Work even in remote areas, with data collection that is fully functional offline. When field workers are back in range, data will automatically synch back to the office.

Fully Managed

Trimble TerraFlex takes care of all the database administration and management, so you don’t need to expend resources to manage another system. Focus on the job at hand without having to work back end systems.

Streamlined Data Management

With spatial and data oriented views you can view projects and incoming data the way you want to. And you can filter, sort, and export by form attributes to easily manage large datasets.

Quick Template Set Up

Whatever your data collection needs, the drag and drop interface makes for efficient form template creation. Group and organize fields to create simple to navigate forms that allow for fast entry.

Form Template Versioning

Project needs change over time. Data integrity is ensured as form templates can be edited and seamlessly rolled out to the team as project requirements change.

Manage Your Team

Administrators can set user permissions to allow varying levels of access to field and office components.

Data Collection
Point, line, area geometries
Lengths - Imperial & Metric
Angles - Degrees
Single choice selection/Radio button
Multiple choice selection/Checkbox
Import & Export
Import Format
Export Formats
Esri file geodatabase
Real Time Correction
Device Support
Geo 6000 and 7000 series
Juno 3 & 5 series
System Requirements
Android 4.x or later
iOS 5 or later
Windows 7 / Windows 8 (Yuma 2 and Motion tablets)
Windows 6.5 or later
Cloud Service
Internet Explorer 9 or later
Background Maps
Google Maps and Imagery
Esri Basemaps
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User guide

August 2014

  • User Interface Updates: Gives more flexibility as the application continues to develop.
  • TerraFlex ArcMap Plugin: This allows users to push schemas from defined feature classes directly into TerraFlex and automatically create field form templates from those schemas. After the data is collected, the user can use this plugin to automatically pull the data back from TerraFlex right into that feature class and there are no intermediary file import or export steps in this process.
  • Additional Export Options: Users can now export in file geodatabase and shapefile formats.
  • Esri Basemap Support in TerraFlex Office: This background map option provides users access to a range of freely available Esri basemap layers, giving more options to create the background maps users want for their project.
  • View a webinar recording which outlines in more detail the new features above.

July 2014

TerraFlex Mobile now available for Windows 7 / Windows 8

  • Users can now use the TerraFlex Mobile application on Yuma 2 and Motion tablet devices that run Windows® 7 / Windows 8.

November 2013

Real Time Configurations have been added to the TerraFlex Workflow

  • Office user can set up real time configurations using SBAS, VRS, or a serial port
  • Real time configurations can be specified for individual projects for specific data collection activities
  • Configurations are pushed out automatically with the project updates to the mobile crew
  • Any Differential GPS (DGPS) ready, supported device can utilize these field configurations:
    • Trimble Geo 7, Geo 6000, Juno 5, Juno 3, and TSC3 series are all DGPS ready

Integrated Laser Rangefinder

  • TerraFlex has been enhanced to use the integrated laser rangefinder available with the Geo 7
  • The laser rangefinder functionality supports multiple workflows:
    • Offsets, height, width, bearing, inclination, and range
  • Positions automatically update with laser rangefinder inputs
  • Added additional constellations supported on the Geo 7:
    • Beidou
    • QZSS
  • Added basic functionality for conditional fields
    • Ability to turn a field on/off depending on the value of the dependent field