Discover and access map data at your fingertips

The InSphere™ Data Marketplace enables rapid discovery and easy access to third party spatial data that matters to your business. Quickly search, discover, access and use the data you need to streamline your workflow.

Data marketplace
Data Marketplace

All the Data You’ll Need. And More

With InSphere Data Marketplace, many free and premium spatial data sets are available at your fingertips. Data Marketplace gives you a one-stop shop for your mapping and spatial data needs. It offers you numerous geospatial data such as imagery, elevation, topography, roads, buildings and many more.

Stop Searching. Start Finding the Data You Need

Your time is valuable and productivity is paramount. With Data Marketplace, you can streamline your workflow. Efficiently find, validate, access use the data you need on the instance.

Marketplace Flow Diagram
Data Marketplace

Integrate the Data in your Workflow

Find and buy professional location data quickly and easily on the InSphere Data Marketplace, built on the WeoGeo Market platform. Then use InSphere Data Manager to view and manage your data, along with your surveying, mapping and other geospatial data, for an integrated workflow.